Financial Audit in Shanghai

The financial audit in Shanghai for both local companies and subsidiaries of international companies that are non-listed and listed on overseas stock markets. Our team comprises of qualified CPAs and auditors in Shanghai with international experience and qualifications.


All of the corporations in China including private, listed or foreign companies have the liability to receive the financial audit in China if they satisfy the two conditions of three as follows. And they also have to submit the financial statements of accounting years to registered independent auditors.


  • The yearly sales across 750,000 dollars
  • The average value of assets in the audit year across 500,000 dollars
  • The average employees in the audit year across 100 people


The China Standards of Auditing (CSA) are as follows:


  1. Objective and General Principles Governing and Audit of Financial Statements
  2. Term of Audit Engagements
  3. Documentation
  4. Fraud and Error
  5. Planning
  6. Audit Immateriality
  7. Audit Evidence
  8. Subsequent Events
  9. Going Concern
  10. The Auditor’s Report on Financial Statements


Related to the CSA, the followings are the China Accounting Standards (CAS).


  1. Presentation of Financial Statements
  2. Inventories
  3. Cash Flow Statements
  4. Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors
  5. Events After the Balance Sheet Date
  6. Construction Contracts
  7. Income Taxes
  8. Property, Plant and Equipment
  9. Leases
  10. Revenue
  11. The effects of Changes in Foreign Currency Rates
  12. Borrowing Costs
  13. Related Part Disclosures
  14. Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements
  15. Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Asset
  16. Intangible Assets
  17. Investment Property
  18. Agriculture


The laws that related to accounting and audit are Law on Corporate Accounting, Audit and Accounting Profession, Sub-Decree on the Kampuchea Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors and Sub-Decree on the Functioning of the National Accounting Council.


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